Mediation and Collaborative Family Law have been with us for many years and are both great ways for separating or separated couples to make decisions with professional support.

Thousands of couples appreciate the benefits of making joint decisions with varying degrees of professional support and advice according to their own needs.

Solicitors who are members of Resolution offer a range of methods of helping couples to do this but for some, no end of mediation, round table meetings and expert, well meaning solicitors, can produce an agreement.

Sometimes, parties do need a third party to make a decision. Sometimes there might be just one sticking point. Although most of us like to be in control, for some that responsibility is too much and they need someone else to decide

Court proceedings are expensive. The procedure is exactly the same whether there are 20 issues between you or just one. The process is slow. When you get to Court, your case will rarely be called at its allotted time. You will have to take time off work to go to Court, and have no control over whether the case is listed on a date that suits you.

You will not know whether your case is going to be decided by an experienced Judge with a background in Family Law practice, or a Deputy District Judge with no experience of Family Law at all. The decision will be given verbally, and if you are lucky you will be given a clear idea of why the Judge came to that particular decision. Indeed sometimes you won’t even get the decision straight away.

And most lawyers won’t tell you this but judges do get it wrong. They do make decisions that make matters worse but rarely legally wrong so you do have to live with the consequences.

In Family Arbitration, you choose the Family Arbitrator who will make the decision for you. It will be an experienced family lawyer trusted by your solicitor.

Rather than waiting half a day shoulder to shoulder with other litigants in a crowded Court waiting area with no privacy, and if you are lucky, a vending machine coffee, the venue will be comfortable with plenty of private discussion rooms, and you will not be kept waiting.

You will have a prompt, considered, written decision.

If your financial settlement is to be decided by the Court, you will have to attend up to three Court hearings over a period of six to eight months. You will have to wait three months to see a Judge for the first time. In Family Arbitration there will be one or two hearings and your whole case from start to finish may be decided within eight weeks.

Taking account of court fees, the volume of paperwork prescribed by court rules, the lengthy process inevitably meaning documents have to be updated and month of correspondence the cost of mediation compares very well to court proceedings.

And if you are mediating or negotiating and just need one issue to be decided for you arbitration offers that flexibility

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