The case of the multi millionaire refused a divorce is a reminder that we don’t have a right to a divorce.

Perception has grown that anyone can get a divorce on their spouses “unreasonable behaviour”.

We have seen many divorces where the behaviour allegations amount to little more than “he/she is moody/grumpy, spends all of his/her time at work/in the pub/on the internet”. Indeed, even in more extreme cases the family law protocol encourages Petitioners to keep it brief; to say just enough to demonstrate that the marriage is over.

In this case, Mrs Owens had had a brief affair. She sought to divorce her husband. She said that he continued to berate her over the affair, argued with her in an airport shop, and had not spoken to her for a time.

The Judge refused the divorce, saying the wife’s allegations were “minor altercations of a kind to be expected in a marriage”.

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